?? Hound Dog Backhoe Thumbs


Hound Dog Backhoe / Mini Excavator Thumbs


Two Backhoe / Excavator Thumb Series to Fit a Broad Range of Backhoes...............

BT-SHP Series - Shared Bucket Pivot Pin Thumbs -> Mechanical with Hydrdaulic Option
                           - Standard Fit for a Broad Range of Backhoes and Mini Excavators
                           - Custom Designed and Engineered Thumbs Available

BT-W Series -
Weld On Base Mechanical Thumbs with Hydraulic Option
                                    - Universal Fit for Backhoes / Mini Excavators Ranging From 3000 LB - 15000 LB Bucket Breakout

Standard Foot Pedal Control on Hydraulic Thumb Kits Offers Easy Thumb Positioning while Keeping your Hands on the Backhoe Controls......



Backhoe and Excavator Thumbs Standard Features




BT150/200/250 Main Pivot Bushing Features